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September 2019

Welcome New Faculty

As we continue to expand, 11 new faculty members are joining our team in fields as diverse as quantum engineering, intelligent materials and personalized health care.

August 2019

Founders to Futurists: 50th Anniversary of the Internet

Join UCLA Samueli on Oct. 29 at Royce Hall as we celebrate 50 years to the day when Distinguished Professor of Computer Science Leonard Kleinrock’s team sent the first message over the Arpanet from 3420 Boelter Hall. That historic moment transformed his mathematical theory of packet-switching into what would become the modern internet.

July 2019

Moonshot…and back

As we celebrate 50 years since the moon landing, Prof. Jason Speyer shares his story on Apollo’s autonomous navigation system and the engineers who built it.

June 2019

Congratulations to the Centennial Class of 2019!

We celebrated another class of newly-minted Bruin Engineers on June 15. A little advice for grads from commencement speaker Chuck Lorre: “Stop sharing your life [on social media], and start living it.”

May 2019

Celebrating 100 Years, and Looking Toward the Future

An inspirational light show spanning 10 decades of UCLA’s history kicked off our centennial celebration this month. Distinguished Professor of Computer Science Leonard Kleinrock, alumnus Vint Cerf, and Gaurav Sant, associate professor of civil and environmental engineering, represented the impactful research of UCLA Samueli.

April 2019

Year One: What’s it like being a Bruin Engineer?

Last year, we asked newly admitted freshmen why they selected UCLA Samueli. A year later, after their fall and winter quarters, we followed up on what they thought of their first year as Bruin Engineers.

March 2019

Over the airwaves: A Hollywood icon and UCLA professor share the same frequency

This Women’s History Month, we profile electrical engineering professor Danijela Cabric, who shares an interest with iconic Hollywood glamour queen Hedy Lamarr: wireless communications.

February 2019


NSF-funded scholarships support engineering student success

Thanks to a recent five-year grant to the Center for Excellence in Engineering in Diversity, 42 UCLA Samueli undergraduates have received academic scholarships of up to $5,000 each.

January 2019



Happy New Year and hang on to your party hats—this year is one for celebration!

Beginning in May, the UCLA community will come together to commemorate our university’s 100th anniversary, a celebration that will continue through June 2020.


December 2018



As we near the holidays and get ready to welcome a new year of engineering excellence at UCLA Samueli, following are a few of the many highlights of 2018. A heartfelt thanks to all who contributed to our combined success, and best wishes for a happy holiday season!

November 2018



As part of our strategic initiative to expand by 50 faculty members and 1,000 students in five years, UCLA Samueli welcomes our newest batch of distinguished scholars to the No. 1 public research university in the country.

October 2018



Whether you took these past months to relax, work, or further your research, we extend a warm welcome to our new and returning students. As we start the school year, here is a snapshot of how UCLA Samueli continues to excel.

September 2018




How do we save the planet for future generations? We can start by cleaning up our oceans and bringing potable water to areas that desperately need it — which is exactly what the engineers at UCLA Samueli are pursuing.

August 2018




With school officially in summer session, we caught up with a few of our students to find out what they are up to. From volunteering to internships, not surprisingly, many are spending time engineering change.

July 2018




We believe the entrepreneurial spirit is vital to engineer change. Learn how a few of our current and former student entrepreneurs are pursuing their visions for a better world.

June 2018




As newly minted Samueli engineers go off to pursue great things, two class members share their stories on how access to educational and financial resources, an engaged support system, and hard work prepared them for graduation and life beyond UCLA.

May 2018



With a median GPA of 4.59 (weighted), 4.00 (unweighted), and a median combined SAT score of 1540, the admitted students for the engineering Class of 2022 had their pick of universities. So Why UCLA Samueli?


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April 2018



The building houses some of the world’s leading labs in metrology, optics and quantum electronics, nano-manufacturing, tissue engineering, and advanced materials, as well as the school’s Computer Science Department.
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