Why work with UCLA Samueli?

Academia and Industry Succeed Together

The UCLA Samueli School of Engineering is committed to fostering strategic partnerships with corporations around the world. Through innovative programming and a well-established culture of collaboration, UCLA Samueli brings industry and academia together to address the critical needs of the engineering workforce, make advancements in research, and support philanthropic initiatives. These partnerships provide the opportunity for industry and academia to work together in mutually beneficial ways.


Why UCLA Samueli?

Student Engagement and Recruitment Opportunities
Our students organize and lead 46 specialized student groups that engage with our corporate partners through career fairs and info sessions in a variety of formats, easily tailored to your company’s needs.
These student groups serve as an opportunity for our undergraduates to strengthen their skills by collaborating on large scale projects outside of the classroom and to develop professional readiness through interview and resume workshops.

Focus on Diversity and Inclusion
We find strength in diversity at UCLA Samueli. Our diversity and inclusion programs, WE@UCLA and CEED, attract, foster, and empower undergraduates from underserved and underrepresented communities. WE@UCLA and CEED proudly invest in women and minorities by providing opportunities for mentorships, internships, and professional development.

Research / Hands On Learning Opportunities
UCLA Samueli is home to numerous research centers as a result of collaborative efforts with corporate and foundation partners. These centers allow our faculty and students to conduct fully-funded research in a variety of critical disciplines.

We also recognize that some of the most important innovations happen as a result of multi-disciplinary research projects. At UCLA Samueli, faculty members across the school have teamed up to create research centers that are harnessing multiple areas of expertise.

Access to Innovative Ideas and Top-Tier Faculty
With participation in our many research and recruitment opportunities comes access to world class, leading experts in engineering who have been responsible for some of the foremost innovations in engineering. Partnering with UCLA Samueli gives your company the opportunity to begin building relationships with our esteemed faculty.

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