Recruit change makers

An Individualized Experience
As a UCLA Samueli corporate partner, you have the opportunity to engage with our highly sought after undergraduate and graduate students. We will work with you to determine how you can best take advantage of our programmatic offerings regarding internship and professional recruiting. Based on your company’s budget, we can maximize your visibility among our top engineering students and help fulfill workforce demands for exceptional engineers.

Your partnership with UCLA Samueli helps ensure success when aiming to recruit from our pool of top engineering students. You will be connected to services to help streamline your recruitment needs, with UCLA Samueli working your ambassador to the process.

You will be able to expand your relationship with outstanding engineering students to connect them to internship and research opportunities within your company. By connecting you to our Undergraduate Internship Program, you can extend your information and opportunities to some of the most talented engineering students.

Student Engagement
Between serving as panelists, to providing job site visits, to helping build rockets, UCLA Samueli Corporate partners gain full exposure to our talented engineers. We will foster relationships between your company and our many established student groups and clubs, offering you a front row seat to the future’s brightest and most dedicated workforce spanning every engineering discipline.

How can you get involved?
The UCLA Samueli Corporate Relations team is here to help you navigate our programming and initiatives to best suit your recruiting needs. Contact us today!

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Helen Magid
Senior Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations