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Wellness & Your Rights


Health can have a dramatic impact on our ability to pursue educational advancement. To address this, we ask all students to take the time to look after themselves – from precautionary medical treatment/visits to addressing health issues before they escalate to seeking counseling. Please contact your own health providers or take advantage of services offered through UCLA Student Health.

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If you are struggling with schoolwork, transitioning to college life, meeting financial obligations or any other reason, UCLA has additional resources to help you, including:

Your Rights

At UCLA, we strive to provide students resources to advocate for themselves in compliance with both the state and federal laws. If you feel you have experienced discrimination or think your rights may have been violated, please refer to the following resorcues for support:



Dean’s Message to Class of 2021

Dean’s Message to Class of 2021

To the Class of 2021, on behalf of the faculty and staff of the UCLA Samueli School of Engineering, I want to offer our warmest congratulations to you on achieving this momentous milestone.

Soft Focus: A Flexible Future for Robots

Soft Focus: A Flexible Future for Robots

Picture a robot. In your mind’s eye, do you see a shiny protocol droid from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away? Perhaps a large, moving steel arm from our industrial present?