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UCLA Samueli Community Collaborates in Efforts to Curb Spread of COVID-19

Engineers are problem solvers. At UCLA, we have not shied away from challenges presented by COVID. Our computer scientists and engineers have been collaborating with colleagues at the David Geffen School of Medicine and UCLA Health to develop urgently needed personal protective equipment, cutting-edge testing methods, predictive models adopted by the CDC, and vaccine boosters. And there are numerous creative efforts by students and alumni as well.

Following are highlights of UCLA Samueli COVID-related research projects and press coverage:

Samueli Newsroom

Mechanical Engineering Alum is Sudsing His Way to Success

Mechanical Engineering Alum is Sudsing His Way to Success

“I should have started my own business years ago,” said Mike Raymond (’07), a mechanical engineering alum who spent more than a decade in management consulting and corporate development before starting Color Clean Soap earlier this year.

Team to develop breathalyzer-like diagnostic test for COVID-19

Team to develop breathalyzer-like diagnostic test for COVID-19

A research team led by Pirouz Kavehpour, professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering in the UCLA Samueli School of Engineering, is developing an inexpensive and fast breathalyzer-like diagnostic tool to test for the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

Media Coverage

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Naturally occurring enzyme holds potential as low-cost therapeutic to treat COVID-19 | Medical Life Science News | 9.29.2020

Common antioxidant enzyme may provide potential treatment for COVID-19 | Phys Org | 9.29.2020

Models used to predict how coronavirus will spread in San Diego County, statewide | CBS 8 News | 8.11.2020

UCLA professor receives grant to develop coronavirus vaccine booster | Daily Bruin | 8.3.2020

UCLA Engineering Dean Leading Efforts to Address Shortage of PPP, Other Medical Supplies | India-West | 5.28.2020

UCLA researchers develop Breathalyzer-like diagnostic tool to test for COVID-19 | KTLA News | 5.26.2020

UCLA Professor Leading Team to Develop Breathalyzer-Like Tool for Rapid COVID-19 Test | NBC Los Angeles News | 5.23.2020

UCLA team compiles coronavirus-related data, creates statistical modeling tool | Daily Bruin | 5.22.2020

Team to develop breathalyzer-like diagnostic test for COVID-19 | Science Blog | 5.21.2020

UCLA Scientists Say They Have Developed More Accurate COVID-19 Test | NBC Los Angeles News | 5.12.2020

California Set the Tone on Coronavirus Shutdowns. What’s Its Next Move? | The New York Times | 4.14.2020

COBOL, a 60-year-old computer language, is in the COVID-19 spotlight | Fast Company | 4.10.2020

With diving gear and plumbing supplies, California labs fashion Covid-19 masks and ventilators | STAT News | 4.9.2020

“Like a sneeze guard at the salad bar.” | Inverse | 4.7.2020

Inventors Are Whipping Up Homemade Ventilators to Fend Off a Shortage. Some Doctors Are Wary | Time | 4.6.2020

Grad Student Builds Ventilator Using Home Depot Supplies | NBC News | 3.31.2020

Column: If Trump alone can fix our coronavirus crisis, then why the hell hasn’t he? | Los Angeles Times | 3.29.2020

Coronavirus: UCLA Engineers Developing Surgical Face Shields For Area Hospitals | KCAL CBS Los Angeles News | 3.26.2020

UCLA engineers using 3-D printing in race to get coronavirus face shields to hospitals | Daily News | 3.26.2020