Engineer Change.

Advanced Materials and Manufacturing


Paint that generates solar powerStarting at the atomic level, UCLA engineers are building extraordinary new functionality into architected materials, and scaling these building blocks into new products with an array of uses from computing to healthcarespace travel to art analysis.

At UCLA Samueli, researchers are looking at ways to make ocean vessels sail more efficiently and solar cells convert energy more effectively. We are designing robots that can be printed at homecooling devices that meld to your body and tattoos that monitor your health.

Explore the raw stuff of the future at UCLA’s advanced materials and manufacturing labs.

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Funded by the National Science Foundation, the center is working to engineer a revolution in miniature electromagnetic electronics through development of a new class of nanoscale multiferroic materials.
Director: Greg Carman, professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering
Funded by the Semiconductor Research Corporation, the center aims to create and investigate new nonconventional atomic scale engineered materials and structures of multi-function oxides, metals and semiconductors to accelerate innovations in analog, logic and memory devices for revolutionary impact on the semiconductor and defense industries.
Director: Jane P. Chang, William F. Seyer Chair in Materials Electrochemistry, professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering
Research in scifacturing (science-driven manufacturing), super metals by nanoparticles self-dispersion, scalable nanomanufacturing, smart manufacturing, additive manufacturing.
Director: Xiaochun Li, Raytheon Chair in Manufacturing, professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, materials science and engineering
Research and development on synthetic polymers and composites for advanced electronic, mechanical, and photonic devices. Includes stretchable electronics, artificial muscles and nanocomposites.
Director: Qibing Pei, professor of materials science and engineering
Research on solution processable thin film electronic devices, this includes photovoltaic cells, digital memory units, light emitting diodes and thin film transistors.
Director: Yang Yang, the Carol and Lawrence E. Tannas Jr. Chair in Engineering, professor of materials science and engineering
Research in controlling the composition, shape, and material properties of nanostructures.
Director: Yu Huang, professor of materials science and engineering
The lab looks to explore the unique physical phenomena in micro and nanometer scale, advance engineering to take advantage of the unique phenomena, and demonstrate the advancement by showing the path to new product that benefit the society.
Director: CJ Kim, Volgenau Endowed Chair in Engineering, professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering
Researching the design, implementation and experimentation of protocols, algorithms and systems for wireless data networks.
Director: Songwu Lu, professor of computer science
Synthesis of inorganic and hybrid materials and characterization of their electrical and optical properties.
Director: Bruce Dunn, Nippon Sheet Glass Chair Company Chair in Materials Science, professor of materials science and engineering
The lab develops functional soft materials, investigates their constitutive behavior, and demonstrates their applications, which include artificial muscles, drug delivery and energy harvesting.
Director: Lihua Jin, assistant professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering