Student Clubs and Organizations

Enhance your academic experience.

Classroom exposure is only a part of academic life. Being associated with UCLA Samueli gives you the opportunity to join engineering-focused student organizations that can take your career to the next level, or give you a chance to pursue interests outside of your major. As you develop new technologies and compete against other clubs, you’ll also gain teamwork, communication and leadership skills. And you’ll be able to connect with company representatives, alumni and faculty – relationships that may last, and benefit you, for the rest of your life.

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3D4E at UCLA
All majors
Contact UCLA 3D4E
3D4E (3D Printing for Everyone) is an intercollegiate network of 3D printing and rapid-prototyping enthusiasts that hosts 3D modeling workshops and projects.

AIAA Design Build Fly (DBF)
Aerospace Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering majors, all radio-controlled airplane hobbyists welcome.
Contact DBF
An annual engineering competition in which students must design and fabricate a radio-controlled airplane to meet a set of performance requirements.

American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES)
All engineering and science majors
Contact AISES
An organization dedicated to providing students of indigenous peoples of North America and the Pacific Islands with academic, professional development, social and networking opportunities.

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)
Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, undergraduates interested in the aerospace industry
Contact AIAA
Offering company info sessions, workshops, aerospace manufacturing facility tours, and hands-on opportunities with the UCLA Rocket Project, Design/Build/Fly, and Unmanned Aerial Systems.

American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)
Chemical Engineering majors, undeclared engineering majors
Contact AlChE
Connecting chemical engineering students with industry professionals, faculty, and peers through networking, career, and mentorship events. In Chem-E Car, students design, build, and test a vehicle powered by chemical reactions.

American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
Civil and Environmental Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering majors. All engineering majors welcome!
Contact ASCE
Offering opportunities to network with industry as well as hands-on experience in projects covering all areas of civil engineering.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
All engineering students welcome
Contact ASME
Offering professional development, academic and social opportunities for students interested in mechanical engineering. Facilitates hands-on combat robotics and underwater robotics teams.

Arab American Association of Engineers and Architects (AAAEA)
Engineers, Architects and Computer Science majors
Contact AAAEA

AAAEA promotes and advocates for the Arab American Engineers, Architects and Computer Science professionals in North America by hosting career and educational enhancement programs, technical exchange, fellowship, and community service.

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
Computer Science, Computer Science & Engineering, Electrical Engineering majors. Anyone interested in coding is welcome.
Contact ACM
Hack. Build. Innovate! Meet fellow developers and land your dream job.

Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES)
All students interested in bioengineering
Contact BMES
Bringing together bioengineering undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, and alumni with academic, career, and social events.

Blockchain at UCLA
All engineering majors
Contact Blockchain at UCLA
Blockchain at UCLA is composed of UCLA law, business, and undergraduate students and faculty focused on educating and engaging the Los Angeles community on blockchain technology.

Bruin Entrepreneurs (BE)
All undergraduate students
Contact BE
Bruin Entrepreneurs is the student body’s resource for all things startup and entrepreneurship related, hosting large beginner friendly events, weekly skill based workshops, and running an in-house accelerator. We bring together a community of creative students who are looking for novelty and innovation.

Bruin Formula Racing
All UCLA majors
Design, assemble, test, and race an open-wheel Formula style race vehicle in international competition.
Contact Bruin Formula Racing

Bruin Home Solutions (BHS)
All UCLA majors

Project-oriented student group that seeks to solve sustainability issues in the areas of agriculture, waste and buildings.
Contact BHS

Bruin Racing Baja
All UCLA Majors
Design, assemble, test, and race an off-road race vehicle in national competition.
Contact Bruin Racing Baja

Bruin Spacecraft Group (BSG)
All UCLA majors
Contact BSG
Providing students hands-on experience in space engineering and technology by building and launching high altitude balloons and low Earth orbit satellites as well as developing scientific payloads for space research.

Bruin SuperMileage
All engineering and science majors
Contact Bruin SuperMileage
Providing experience designing, manufacturing, and racing fuel-efficient prototype gasoline-powered vehicles.

Building Engineers and Mentors (BEAM)
All UCLA majors
Contact BEAM

Bringing STEM activities to underserved K-8 schools in Los Angeles.

California Geotechnical Engineers Association
Civil Engineering majors
Contact California Geotechnical Engineers Association
Introducing and promoting geotechnical engineering via info sessions, field trips, student projects, and social events.

Chi Epsilon (XE)
Civil Engineering majors
Contact XE
The national civil engineering honor society upholding member scholarship, character, practicality, and sociability.

All engineering and science majors
Contact XE
Dedicated to raising awareness and interest in the field of neurotechnology as well as providing undergraduate students with opportunities to build skills, network, and work on brain-computer interface projects relevant to the industry.

Design Create Solar
All Engineering Majors
Contact Design Create Solar
Design and produce solar energy solutions to energy-related issues within the UCLA community.

Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI) – Structural Engineers Association of Southern California (SEAOSC)
Civil Engineering Majors
Contact EERI
Dedicated to the advancement of earthquake engineering research and education for the purpose of reducing seismic hazards worldwide.

Engineering Ambassadors
All Engineering majors
Contact Engineering Ambassador Program
Aiming to showcase the engineering undergraduate experience to prospective students and alumni by giving tours and serving as liaisons at external events.

Engineering Graduate Students Association (EGSA)
All graduate engineers
Promoting activities and communication between engineering graduate students to make the graduate experience productive, enjoyable, and fun.

Engineering Society at UCLA (ESUC)
All engineering majors
Contact ESUC
The oldest engineering club on campus, ESUC serves as the umbrella organization for all clubs and holds large-scale events such as the StartUp Fair, Engineering Welcome Day and Engineers Week.

Engineers Without Borders (EWB)
All UCLA majors
Contact EWB
Engaging innovative students in volunteer opportunities, locally and abroad, to play a role in designing and implementing sustainable engineering development programs.

Eta Kappa Nu (HKN)
Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering
Contact HKN
The UCLA chapter of the nationally recognized electrical and computer engineering honor society hosts free academic tutoring, social events, and professional job fairs.
All engineering majors
Contact hosts an annual event bringing high schoolers from Title I, underserved communities throughout the Greater Los Angeles area to UCLA for a day of workshops, panels, and exhibitions hoping to inspire the next generation of engineers and brilliant minds.

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
Enabling fun hands-on projects, professional development, and academic support for students interested in electrical engineering.
Contact IEEE
Enabling fun hands-on projects, professional development, and academic support.

IEEE Women Advancing Technology through Teamwork (WATT)
Electrical Engineering
Contact IEEE (WATT)
A national group of electrical and computer engineering women; Women Advancing Technology Through Teamwork (WATT), is a technical advocacy group for women and minorities in Electrical Engineering, operating as a branch of IEEE.

Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE)
Civil Engineering and Urban Planning majors
Contact ITE
Provides opportunities to meet and interact with transportation engineering professionals through field trips, speaker sessions, and conferences.

International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE)
Chemical Engineering, Bioengineering, any life science or physical science majors.
Contact ISPE
Providing opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students as well as postdocs to network and interact with academic and industry professionals, and other students interested in the biotech, biomedical and pharmaceutical fields.

LA Blueprint
All Engineering Majors
Contact LA Blueprint
Teams of student developers and designers work with nonprofits to deliver a mobile and/or web application that best suits their needs.

Materials Research Society (MRS)
Materials Science and Engineering, Chemistry/Materials Science, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering majors, and any others interested in materials research.
Contact MRS
Events focusing on research, meeting/networking with alumni, finding summer internships and research opportunities, and meeting fellow classmates interested in materials science and engineering.

All engineering majors
Contact MentorSEAS
The official UCLA School of Engineering Mentorship Program.

National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)
All engineering, math, and science majors
Contact NSBE
Community outreach, professional development and academic development among minority students in engineering, math, and science related fields.

Nova for Good
All engineering majors
Contact Nova for Good
Create high-impact technology that empowers nonprofits to better serve their communities.

Phi Sigma Rho
All Engineering majors
Contact Phi Sigma Rho
A social sorority for women in engineering and engineering technologies.

Pilipinos in Engineering and Science (PIES)
Open to all students
Contact PIES
Pilipinos In Engineering addresses the concerns of and provides resources, social, academic and networking opportunities for Pilipino engineering and science students at UCLA. 

QWER Hacks
All UCLA majors
Contact QWER Hacks
Annual beginner-friendly hackathon that aims to bring together queer individuals and allies through tech talks, technical and community-building workshops, and development of innovative projects for underrepresented groups.

Renewable Energy Association at UCLA (REA)
All engineering majors
Contact REA
Cultivating an understanding of the importance of renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric, biofuels, etc.

Rocket Project at UCLA
Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Computer Science majors. All other majors interested in rocketry are welcome.
Contact Rocket Project at UCLA

The largest rocket engineering project at UCLA.

Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)
All engineering and science majors
Contact SAE
Providing real-world, team-oriented experiences for students through designing, building, and racing three different types of vehicles — Formula, Baja and SuperMileage.

Society of Latino Engineers and Scientists (SOLES)
All engineering and science majors
Contact SOLES
Empowering the Hispanic community to impact the world through STEM awareness, access, support and development.

Society of Women Engineers (SWE)
All engineering, mathematics, and applied sciences majors
Contact SWE
UCLA SWE aims to bring professional development opportunities to UCLA while advocating for the creation of an equal platform for all in engineering.

Tau Beta Pi (TBP)
All engineering majors
Contact TBP
National engineering honor society offering free drop-in tutoring and review sessions for lower division math and science courses, organizing engineering competitions, and planning mentorship and outreach events.

Theta Tau
All engineering majors
Contact Theta Tau
A co-ed, professional engineering fraternity dedicated to the principles of brotherhood, professionalism, and service.

Uncrewed Aerial Systems at UCLA (UAS@UCLA)
All engineering and science majors

Contact Uncrewed Aerial Systems at UCLA 
Aerial robotics team that designs, manufactures and tests drone hardware and software.

Upsilon Pi Epsilon (UPE)
Computer Science, Computer Science & Engineering and Electrical Engineering majors.
Contact UPE
The international honor society in the computing and information disciplines, offering career development events, mentorship opportunities, and tutoring.


UCLA Samueli Engineering Student Organization Leadership Resource Page
It includes helpful information on policies, procedures, and contacts with the School.