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Identity Guidelines

Style Guide and Identity Introduction


The UCLA Samueli School of Engineering style guide offers quick access to our brand’s identity, logos, typography, colors, photography and graphics templates (PowerPoint presentation, Photoshop files, brochures, email marketing images, and email signatures).

These resources will help maintain a consistent tone, image and message across UCLA Samueli creative efforts.


Brand Identity (and Why It’s Important)

A brand is that thing or combination of things about a product, service, company or institution that no one else can claim. A brand influences what your constituents say about you. How they think of you. And why they support you.

Vital, impactful brands are built on truth and continuity. They are what they say they are. And they are united in how they say it, so you never confuse them with competing brands. That’s why so much emphasis is put on conformity of brand language and look, and why all brands have guidelines like this one.

Within the UCLA brand, UCLA Samueli has its own unique identity. In the world of engineering, it helps reinforce the school’s reputation as among the best in the world.


Our Name (How We Refer to Ourselves)

While the official name of our school remains the UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science, preferred usage for marketing material and other informal references is UCLA Samueli School of Engineering. After first reference, UCLA Samueli is also acceptable. This is replacing the previously used “UCLA Engineering” on second reference. Use of the acronym “HSSEAS” should be avoided.


Positioning is at the core of who we are. It reflects our unique identity and the UCLA brand values. It’s what we want people to think of when they think of UCLA Samueli, and all our communications should reflect this positioning:

Dedicated to serving the common good in a global city that thrives on innovation and teems with opportunity, UCLA Samueli is a new kind of engineering school. Collaborative. Interdisciplinary. Fearless. Dedicated to excellence. And driven by the conviction that anything is possible.


Copy Tone

UCLA Samueli copy should be written to reflect our desired positioning. It should be benefit-driven, service-oriented, easily digestible and energetic, with a transparency that connects with readers in ways peer institutions don’t.

How does the work we’re writing about improve people’s lives? How does it advance our understanding of the world? Does it reflect our dedication to excellence and the spirit of optimism that enables us to accomplish amazing things?

The tone is crafted through word choice, sentence structure and point of view. While the tone of your communication may vary according to the specific audience you are addressing, always keep the UCLA Samueli identity in mind.


Tag Line

A tag line is brand identity in a nutshell. It is intended to leave a lasting effect after even the shortest encounters. It offers information that can be easily remembered by an audience and helps them understand what your brand stands for.

The UCLA Samueli tagline is:
Engineer Change tagline


It captures our school’s unique sense of optimism, commitment to service and conviction that we can make a difference. In short, it sums up what we see as the role of this school – for our students, for our local community and for society at large – to engineer change in the world around us.


Styleguide Layout

On this web site, you will find all of the creative elements you will need to represent the UCLA Samueli brand effectively in print, electronic and digital communications, including:

• School logo and tagline, as well as logos for each department
• Guidance on the appropriate font and brand colors to use in marketing material
• A photo bank you can use for school-related promotional material, and
• Common graphic design and communication templates, for PowerPoint presentations, web design and print documents