Engineer Change.

Cybersecurity and Future Internet


Available anytime, anywhere, for everyone; ultra-secure; and faster than you can think. That’s the future global network that UCLA Samueli computer scientists and engineers are designing. We’re bringing fast augmented reality into the fold, and not just as a toy, but in real tech to help first responders. We’re securing the network with an emphasis on privacy, and we’re working on the hardest math problems to protect computer programs. When something on the Internet breaks, UCLA Samueli engineers are on the case.

Nearly 50 years since the first electronic network message was sent from the UCLA lab of Leonard Kleinrock, the Birthplace of the Internet continues to lead the Internet into the future.

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Funded by the National Science Foundation, NDN is developing a new internet architecture that can capitalize on strengths — and address weaknesses — of the internet’s current host-based, point-to-point communication architecture in order to naturally accommodate emerging patterns of communication. Principal investigator: Lixia Zhang, Jon Postel Professor of Computer Science
Funded by the National Science Foundation, the center is developing of new mathematical techniques, to build faster and more secure general-purpose obfuscation mechanisms.
Director: Amit Sahai, professor of computer science
Self-stabilization and networking. Specialized in network algorithmics (speeding up network bottlenecks) with a special focus on algorithmic measurement and algorithmic security.
Director: George Varghese, Chancellor’s Professor of Computer Science
Research in verified software, Simple and Efficient Concurrency, and network verification
Director: Todd Millstein, professor of computer science
Making critical national cyber infrastructures more accessible, ubiquitous, and at the same time resilient against a wide range of both internal and external coordinated attacks, while simultaneously providing strong privacy and security guarantees to both individuals and organizations.
Director: Rafail Ostrovsky, professor of computer science
Research in network protocols and architectures, modeling and analysis, wireless networks, sensor networks, car-to-car networks, peer-to peer techniques, medical networks, and network measurement.
Director: Mario Gerla, Jonathan Postel Professor of Computer Networks
The lab works on network coding, algorithms for networked systems, wireless networks and network security. A main theme of our research evolves around the theory and practice of information flow through networks.
Director: Christina Fragouli, professor of electrical and computer engineering
Researching the design, implementation and experimentation of protocols, algorithms and systems for wireless data networks.
Director: Songwu Lu, professor of computer science
The initiative supports undergraduates at UCLA in pursuing revolutionary and unfettered interdisciplinary research on the Internet. The program is spearheaded by Internet pioneer and computer science professor Leonard Kleinrock.