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2023 Awardees

Tim FreiAlumnus of the Year Award
Timothy Frei ’85, M.S. ’87, CERT ’01
Sector VP
Northrop Grumman Aeronautics Systems

Lifetime Contribution Award
Eldon Knuth
Professor Emeritus
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, UCLA

Erik Hoek
University Service Award
Eric Hoek M.S. ’96
Civil and Environmental Engineering, UCLA

Alsion Brown
Professional Achievement Award
Alison Brown Ph.D. ’85
Chair of the Board, President and CEO
NAVSYS Corporation

Yu Chen
Rising Professional Achievement Award
Yu Chen Ph.D. ’14
Engineering Program Manager

Marianne so
Engineering Alumni Association Service Award
Marianne So, P.E., ’07, MBA ’17
Former EAA Governing Board President

Jun Chen
V. M. Watanabe Excellence in Research Award
Jun Chen
Assistant Professor
Bioengineering, UCLA

Eon Instrumentation Inc. Excellence in Teaching Award
Jens Palsberg
Computer Science, UCLA

Northrop Grumman Excellence in Teaching Award
Carissa Eisler ’10
Assistant Professor
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, UCLA

Shaun Tan
Edward K. Rice Outstanding Doctoral Student Award
Shaun Tan Ph.D. ’22
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Research Associate

Xingyu “Bruce” Liu
Edward K. Rice Outstanding Master’s Student Award
Xingyu “Bruce” Liu M.S. ’22
Electrical and Computer Engineering Distinguished Master’s Thesis Award

Emily Dunn
Edward K. Rice Outstanding Bachelor’s Student Award
Emily Dunn ’22
National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship

Griffith Hughes
Edward K. Rice Outstanding Bachelor’s Student Award
Griffith Hughes ’22
Bioengineering Outstanding Bachelor of Science Award