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Suneel Kodambaka


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Our group focuses on the science underlying the synthesis and stability of advanced materials for applications in the areas of aerospace, catalysis, energy storage, and optoelectronics industries. We aim to develop detailed atomic-level understanding of the mass transport mechanisms, chemical reaction kinetics, and material thermodynamics controlling morphological, compositional, and structural evolution of materials. We use a variety of in situ (as well as ex situ) characterization tools such as variable-temperature scanning probe microscopy (STM/AFM), low-energy electron microscopy (LEEM), scanning/transmission electron microscopy (SEM/TEM), and X-ray diffraction (XRD) to investigate the kinetics of nucleation, growth, and thermochemical and mechanical stabilities of nanostructures.
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  • Member, Executive Committee, Applied Surface Engineering Division (ASED), part of the AVS (2013-present)
  • Guest Editor, Proceedings of the ICMCTF 2013.
  • Editorial Board Member, Vacuum (2012-present)
  • Discussion leader, GRC (Thin Film & Crystal Growth Mechanisms), Maine (2011).
  • Alumni Achievement Award, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale (2010).
  • Paul H. Holloway Young Investigator Award, AVS Int’l Conf. (2009).
  • Member, User Executive Committee (2009-2011), C.I.N.T.
  • Best Paper Award, IBM Materials Research Community (2008).
  • Ross J. Martin award, outstanding doctoral thesis, College of Engineering, UIUC (2003).
  • Best poster presentation award: AVS Prairie Chapter, Chicago, IL (2002).
  • Gold medal, outstanding graduate research, MRS spring meeting, San Francisco, CA (2001).
  • Mavis Memorial Fund Scholarship, College of Engineering, UIUC (2001).
  • Ivan Racheff award, outstanding graduate research, Dept. Materials Science, UIUC (2000).
  • Best poster presentation award: NSF-DARPA Virtual Integrated Prototyping project review, Champaign, IL (1998).

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