Subramanian Iyer

Subramanian Iyer


Charles P. Reames Endowed Chair in Electrical Engineering

66-147H Engr. IV

Phone: (310) 825-6913


System Scaling Technology, advanced packaging and 3D integration, technologies and techniques for the memory subsystem integration and neuromorphic computing
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  • 2021, IMAPS Outstanding Educator Award
  • 2020, IMAPS Fellow
  • 2020, IMAPS Daniel C. Hughes, Jr. Memorial Award
  • 2017, National Academy of Inventors (NAI) Fellow
  • 2016, American Physical Society (APS) Fellow
  • 2012, IEEE Daniel Noble award for Emerging Technologies
  • 2011, Asian-American Engineer of the Year (awarded by the Society of Chinese Engineers in 2011)
  • 2010, IBM Fellow
  • 2009, IBM Master Inventor
  • 2004, Distinguished Alumnus of the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay
  • 2002, IBM Distinguished Engineer
  • 2002, Two IBM Corporate awards for the development of embedded DRAM and electrical Fuses
  • 2002, Four IBM Outstanding Technical Achievement awards for development of the first SiGe base HBT, “Salicide”, eDRAM and eFUSES,
  • 2002, 30 Invention Plateaus at IBM.
  • 1995, IEEE Fellow