Nasim Annabi

Nasim Annabi


5531-H Boelter Hall

Phone: (310) 267-5927


  • Advanced bioadhesives/sealants for wound closure and surgical applications
  • Novel elastin-based biomaterials for soft tissue engineering
  • Conductive biomaterials for cardiac tissue engineering
  • Multifunctional nanocomposite hydrogels for drug/gene delivery
  • 3D bioprinted tissue engineered constructs
Selected Recent Papers
  • Shirzaei Sani, R. Portillo-Lara, I. Noshadi, W. Yu, B. M. Geilich, A. Spencer, T. J. Webster, and N. Annabi, “Engineering adhesive hyaluronic acid/elastin like polypeptide hybrid hydrogels for tissue engineering applications”, ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering, 2018, DOI: 10.1021/acsbiomaterials.8b00408.
  • Soucy, E. Shirzaei Sani, R. Portillo Lara, D. Diaz Vera, F. Dias, A. S. Weiss, A. N. Koppes, R. A. Koppes, N. Annabi, “Photocrosslinkable Gelatin/Tropoelastin Adhesives for Peripheral Nerve Repair”, Tissue Engineering Part A, 2018, DOI: 10.1089/ten.TEA.2017.0502
  • Spencer, A. Primbetova, A. Koppes, R. Koppes, H. Fenniri, Annabi, “Electroconductive Gelatin Methacryloyl-PEDOT:PSS Composite Hydrogels: Design, Synthesis, and Properties” ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering, 2018, DOI: 10.1021/acsbiomaterials.8b00135.
  • Annabi*, Y. Zhang, A. Assmann, E. Shirzaei Sani, G. Cheng, A.D. Lassaletta, A. Vegh, B. Dehghani, G. U. Ruiz-Esparza, X. Wang, S. Gangadharan, A.S. Weiss, A. Khademhosseini*, “Engineering a highly elastic human protein-based sealant for surgical applications”, Science Translational Medicine, 2017, 9, 410. (*Co-corresponding authors)
  • Annabi, D. Rana, E. Shirzaei Sani, R. Portillo-Lara, J. L. Gifford, M. M. Fares, S.M. Mithieux, A.S. Weiss, “Engineering a sprayable and elastic hydrogel adhesive with antimicrobial properties for wound healing”, Biomaterials, 2017, 139, 229-243.
  • I Noshadi, B.W. Walker, R. Portillo Lara, E. Shirzaei Sani, N. Gomes, M.R. Aziziyan, Annabi, “Engineering Biodegradable and Biocompatible Bio-ionic Liquid Conjugated Hydrogels with Tunable Conductivity and Mechanical Properties”, Scientific Reports, 2017, 7, 4345.
  • Assmann, A. Vegh, M. Ghasemi-Rad, S. Bagherifard, G. Cheng, E. Shirzaei Sani, G.U. RuizEsparza, I. Noshadi, A. Lassaletta, S. Gangadharan, A. Tamayol, A. Khademhosseini, Annabi, “A highly adhesive and naturally derived sealant”, Biomaterials, 2017, 140, 115-127.
  • I Noshadi, S. Hong, K. E. Sullivan, E. Shirzaei Sani, R. Portillo Lara, A. Tamayol, S. Shin, A.E. Gao, W.L. Stoppel, L. Black, A. Khademhosseini, Annabi, “In Vitro and In Vivo Analysis of Visible Light Crosslinkable Gelatin Methacryloyl (GelMA) Hydrogels”, Biomaterials Science, 2017, 10, 1935-2180.
  • Portillo-Lara and Annabi, “Microengineered cancer-on-a-chip platforms to study the metastatic microenvironment”, Lab Chip, 2016, 16 (21), 4063-4081.
Selected Book Chapters:
  • Portillo-Lara, E. Shirzaei Sani, Annabi, “Biomimetic orthopedic materials” in “Orthopedic Biomaterials – Advances and Applications”, 2017.
  • Akbari, A. Tamayol*, Annabi, D. Juncker, A Khademhosseini. “Microtechnologies in fabrication of fibers for tissue engineering” in “Microfluidics for Medical Applications” edited by Albert van den Berg and Loes Segerink. RSC Publishing, 2013.
  • Zhao, Š. Selimović, G. Camci-Unal, M. R. Dokmeci, L. Yildirimer, Annabi, A. Khademhosseini. “Microfabrication of three-dimensional vascular structures” in “Vascularization: Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering”, Editor: Eric Brey, CRC Press, 2013.
  • Annabi, N.E. Vrana, P. Zorlutuna, F. Dehghani, A. Khademhosseini. “Engineering Biomimetic Scaffolds” in “Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering: Biological Design, Materials and Fabrication” edited by Claudio Migliaresi and Antonella Motta. Pan Stanford Publishing, 2012.
  • Annabi, “Porous Biomaterials” in “Integrated Biomaterials: Materials in Medicine” edited by M. Ramalingam, A. Tiwari, S. Ramakrishna, and H. Kobayashi. Wile, 2011.
  • Postdoc, Harvard Medical School, 2014
  • PhD, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, University of Sydney, Australia, 2010.
  • MS, Chemical Engineering, Science and Research University, Iran, 2004
  • BS, Chemical Engineering, Science and Research University, Iran, 2002
  • National Institute of Health/NHLBI (R01-HL140618), 2018-2022.
  • NIH-Center for Dental, Oral &Craniofacial Tissue & Organ Regeneration (C-DOCTOR), 2018-2019.
  • Department of Defense (DoD), Vision Research Program Technology/Therapeutic Development Award, 2017–2021.
  • National Institute of Health/NIBIB (R01-EB023052), 2017-2021.
  • Scientist Development Grant, AHA (DE027506-01), 2016-2019.
  • One of the 3 finalists for the “Bright Future Award”, Harvard Medical School, 2014.
  • National Health and Medical Research Council Early Career Fellowship, Australia, 2012.
  • Rita and John Cornforth Medal for an outstanding PhD, University of Sydney, 2011.
  • Australian Prestigious Endeavour Postdoctoral Award, 2010.