H Phillip Koeffler

H Phillip Koeffler

Professor, David Geffen School of Medicine



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Having developed a program in breast cancer research, Dr. Koeffler is looking at the molecular causes and novel forms of therapy of the disease. He has secured NIH grant and US Army grant funding for breast cancer. Dr. Koeffler has developed a program in prostate cancer research and is looking at novel forms of therapy. He has begun a clinical trial of 9-cis retinoic acid in the disease. He has secured NIH funding as wellas private philanthropic sources for prostate cancer. Leukemias, preleukemias and lymphomas: Studying the basic biology of these diseases and developing novel forms of therapy including vaccines. He has NIH funding that is used for this research. Dr. Koeffler has cloned a pivotal hematopoietic control gene known asC\EBPs, and now making transgenic and "knockout" mice to define the in vivo activities of this gene. He anticipates writing a major NIH grant for this work. Program of cloning new genes: Dr. Koeffler has recently cloned a cyclinA1 gene and a protein processing gene using molecular biology and genetic techniques, and he is now defining the biology of these genes and their implications to cancer development. He has established a research team that uses computers, data banks and gene libraries to clone rapidly novel, interesting genes. Identification of novel tumor suppressor genes using extensive tumor DNA banks from over twenty tumor types with matched normal control DNA from the same individual and using over 300 microsatellites. Dr. Koeffler’s group is sublocalizing the site of tumor suppressor genes that are mutated in a variety of cancers. This study is funded in part by the Concern Foundation.