Bruce Dunn

Bruce Dunn


Nippon Sheet Glass Company Chair in Materials Science

Phone: (310) 825-1519
Fax: (310) 206-7353


Research in the Dunn group involves the synthesis of inorganic and hybrid materials and characterization of their electrical and optical properties. The various areas are described in greater detail on our lab page and representative publications are listed below. One of the principal themes which extends to most of the research activities is the use of sol-gel methods to synthesize a number of the materials studied in the group (see: for background on the sol-gel process). This synthetic approach enables us to prepare materials which incorporate a wide variety of organic and biological dopants and are capable of developing unique microstructures and properties.
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  • Fulbright research fellowship (1986),
  • Invited professorship at the University of Paris (1991-3, 1998)
  • Invited professorship at the University of Bordeaux (2000),
  • Allied Signal Faculty Award (1997)
  • DOE Award for Outstanding Research in Materials Science (1995, 1998).