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Diversity and Inclusion

Expanding the engineering profession to all

At UCLA, diversity is an indispensable element of academic excellence. The UCLA Samueli School of Engineering is committed to providing a more equitable, diverse, inclusive and nurturing learning environment. We strive to achieving a diverse student and faculty body, with programs designed to complement a rigorous engineering education for anyone with the talent and the desire to succeed. A population rich in diversity expands the range of knowledge, experiences and viewpoints, leading to innovative new solutions that otherwise wouldn’t be possible.

Programs to enable the success of all of our students, regardless of ethnic or economic background, are in place – and are making progress. Over the next decade, we hope to double the percentage of underrepresented minorities and increase the percentage of women in both our student body and our faculty.

Clubs and Organizations

ACM- Women
American Indian Science & Engineering Society
IEEE WATT (Women Advancing Technology Through Teamwork)
Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association
National Society of Black Engineers (NSBEmon Retention Program)
Pilipinos in Engineering and Science
Queers in STEM
Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers
Society of Latino Engineers and Scientists

Future Faculty Lectures

The UCLA Samueli Future Faculty Lectures is an opportunity for Ph.D. students and postdoctoral scholars interested in faculty positions to personally assess how they fit within the UCLA Samueli community. Selected participants will be invited to give an hour-long seminar and meet with faculty and department chairs over lunch and dinner. We believe a relaxed environment with open dialogue is the best approach to know potential faculty members.

Our goal at the UCLA Samueli School is to enable as much positive change as possible via the impact engineers can have on society and the impact engineering can have on the individual. As part of our Engineer Change philosophy, we are focused on research that targets today’s greatest societal challenges, education that empowers students to become future change agents, access for the many to succeed in engineering careers, and entrepreneurship that helps bring great ideas to the market.

Candidates will be evaluated based on their research and teaching statements, and statement of contributions to diversity. UCLA Samueli will support travel and lodging expenses for all qualified candidates.

Please view the UC Nondiscrimination & Affirmative Action Policy for a complete policy listing for the University of California.