Expanding the engineering profession to all.

At UCLA, diversity is an indispensable element of academic excellence. The UCLA Samueli School of Engineering is committed to a diverse faculty and student body, with programs that open the opportunities an engineering education provides to anyone with the talent and the desire to succeed. A population rich in diversity expands the range of knowledge, experiences, and viewpoints, leading to innovative new solutions that otherwise wouldn’t be possible.

Programs to enable the success of all of our students, regardless of ethnic or economic background, are in place – and are working. Over the next decade, we will double the percentage of underrepresented minorities and increase the percentage of women in both our student body and our faculty.




Samueli Startups: Engineering Entrepreneurship

At UCLA Samueli, there is no single path to follow. There are a thousand different ways you can engineer change. At a school named for one of the great entrepreneurs of the 20th century, entrepreneurship is just a part of everyday life.

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