“My job is to help our students understand the unique challenges women face in engineering and have the skills to meet them successfully.” — Audrey Pool O’Neal, Ph.D.

The UCLA Women in Engineering program (WE@UCLA) is committed to enabling the full participation, success, and advancement of women in engineering and computer science. The program is open to all students who support this mission. WE@UCLA promotes an environment that enhances the personal and professional development of women, provides opportunities and resources to develop self-efficacy and leadership skills, and facilitates a rewarding career path after graduation.

Participants are provided with access to unique opportunities to help facilitate academic and career success, including:

• Peer Mentorship

• Early Research/Internship

• Team Building Activities

• Professional/Leadership/Ethical development

• Alumni/Industry outreach

WE@UCLA depends on the active participation of our community – and there are many ways to be involved:

• Volunteer for Events

• Be a Mentor Volunteer, sign up at UCLA ONE, or contact , Assistant Director, Alumni Relations

• Be a Guest Panelist for WE@UCLA Academy, contact , Director of WE@UCLA

• Sponsoring WE@UCLA activities, contact , Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations.

• Donate to WE@UCLA, click here.

Grow | Self-Efficacy
“Leadership is the ability to put the team’s needs above your own. True leaders can recognize the strengths and shortcomings of each person they are leading and use that to their advantage in order to efficiently and successfully accomplish their goals.” – Leadership Cadet, CS, ’19

Connect | Industry Outreach
“I plan on applying what I learned today in my future career in industry as well as with my life right now. One of my major goals this year is to be more assertive and to use my voice. I’d like to build upon my confidence and competence to gain the respect of those around me and be comfortable speaking my mind because my opinion is valuable.” – Leadership Cadet, ECE, ’20

Build | Team Work
“Teamwork is important because it’s impossible for one person to get vast and complicated jobs done to the best of their ability alone. People need multiple ideas and minds to come up with the cutting edge technology of tomorrow.” – Leadership Cadet, CEE, ’18

Inspire | Mentorship
“My biggest takeaway was to give back and find a mentor for myself. I personally struggle with my ability to keep in touch with mentors, and I learned how much this puts me at a disadvantage and taught me how to work on my skills to improve on my ability to have mentors.” – Leadership Cadet, MAE, ’20

WE@UCLA Leadership Academy


A professional development and leadership series designed to empower, improve self-efficacy and provide a sense of community among female students

Female industry leaders (alumnae) serve as keynote speakers and panelists, addressing themes around leadership


2018-19 Graduates of the WE@UCLA Leadership Academy

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