Incoming freshmen share why they are #uclabound2022

Apr 30, 2018

By Amy Akmal

This year’s record-breaking applications—more than 26,000 for 800 seats—for the fall quarter underscores that UCLA Samueli is in high demand.

Similarly, with a median GPA of 4.59 (weighted), 4.00 (unweighted), and a median SAT score of 1540, the incoming engineering Class of 2022 had their pick of universities.

So why UCLA Samueli?

A few incoming freshmen share why they decided the next four years of their educational journey should start in Westwood, Calif.


Annika Mellquist (Civil Engineering):

“It’s hard for me to pinpoint exactly why I chose UCLA since it was more of a feeling. After being exposed to campus culture, I already knew it was the place I wanted to spend the next four years of my life. In fact, I asked my mom to cancel my Cal tour the following week.


Besides the gut feeling, there were also numerous factors that influenced my decision. One of the main reasons I was initially skeptical was that I imagined large class sizes taught by teaching assistants instead of professors. However, I learned that this was false and nearly all classes are taught by professors. Also, hands-on opportunities are abundant at UCLA through class labs and clubs.


But aside from the engineering program, the social life at UCLA stood out. Every single student I approached seemed genuinely happy to be there which made the atmosphere uplifting. Lastly, the food—I can’t even express how much I loved B-Plate and the numerous options. I have never seen chocolate-chip whole grain pancakes as a dining hall breakfast option!”

Jonathan Davies (Computer Science):

“Ever since childhood, I’ve held a deep love of technology, always questioning the limit of what is possible. Speaking with current students at UCLA’s Discover Engineering Day reignited a sense of curiosity I hadn’t felt in a long time.


With the computer science program ranked among the top in the world, I couldn’t be more proud to major in the subject at this university. My mom graduated magna cum laude from UCLA, and many family members are also Bruins. I already have deep roots at UCLA and look forward to continuing the legacy.”

Melody Tang (Bioengineering):

“UCLA Samueli seems like a great community. The people I met when I visited were genuinely excited about welcoming first-year students into their family. Rather than a competitive atmosphere, the students and faculty gave off a positive vibe of collaboration and trust.


I also attended Discover UCLA Engineering Day because I wanted to get more information about what my experience would be like studying bioengineering. I had the chance to have lunch and talk with students who were in my intended major, and I could ask about their experiences with the capstone project and what their plans are after graduation.


As a woman in engineering, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the female-male ratio seemed nearly equal in bioengineering. The experience made me feel less anxious about coming to UCLA because the atmosphere was so friendly and relaxed. I could really imagine myself being among the students.”

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