UC Space Science and Technology Seminar Series (Fall 2021)

UC Space Science and Technology Seminar Series — Fall 2021
Space as an R&D Site for Earth and Space
What can the exotic conditions of space teach us about earth and space exploration?

By University of California
Tuesday, October 19, 2021 (6:00 – 7:30 p.m. PDT)

This is a time of exponential growth in Space Exploration in the United States and globally. Successful Space Exploration draws from a wide variety of disciplines, especially fields in Science and Engineering. The University of California has a vast community of faculty and alumni involved in Space-related research and development with exciting initiatives underway. We also have extensive collaborations with external entities such as CASIS/ISSNL, NASA, and industry partners. This seminar series represents a unique opportunity for UC students to learn of Space Exploration needs and opportunities and to identify key UC faculty leaders in this domain.

Economic, entrepreneurial, and innovative activities are burgeoning in the space sector with increasing capital infusion and diversified players from around the world. In addition to traditional education programs, exposing students to a wide range of learning opportunities from inter-related specialty fields and through experiences from space professionals will be invaluable in elevating their preparedness for the workforce. Building upon the success of STEM programs related to space exploration that have inspired students at lower educational levels, an opportunity and immediate need exist in preparing the next generation of workforce at higher educational levels for an emerging economy in the space and related sectors, with significant proven returns to Earth.

Inaugural program – “UC Space Science and Technology Seminar” series (Fall 2021)
To provide foundational background and inspire engagement in Space Exploration topics, this UC Space Science and Technology Seminar series is being “launched” in Fall 2021 and will cover topics spanning multiple disciplines. This series will serve as a precursor to expanded undergraduate and graduate level curricula in focused space science and technology topics. This Seminar Series is being led by Co-Chairs Prof. Tim Fisher of UCLA and Dr. Aenor Sawyer of UCSF.

Any member of the UC community can join with the Zoom link below.
UCLA graduate students can also register for a 2-cr seminar: MAE 298 Seminar 2 (Class ID: 610588202)

Date(s) - Oct 19, 2021
6:00 pm PDT - 7:30 pm PDT


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