UCLA Optimist Dennis Hong tells students: “Break the robot”

Sep 7, 2017

By UCLA Samueli Newsroom

Dennis Hong, UCLA professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, is featured as one of the latest “UCLA Optimists” in the university’s long-running campaign. Hong leads the Robotics & Mechanisms Laboratory, where he and his graduate and undergraduate students build robots to do the three “D”s — work that is dirty, dull, or dangerous.

In the video, Hong said he tells his students to “push the limits. Make it go faster. Make if lift heavier things. And I tell the students to ‘break the robot.’ Because if your robot doesn’t fall down and doesn’t break… you don’t get to learn anything.”

Watch the new UCLA Optimist video clip here


And read about Hong and other UCLA Optimists at optimists.ucla.edu

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