UCLA Blockchain Video Series

Jan 1, 2019

By UCLA Samueli Newsroom

Episode 2
Blockchain and its applications with computer science professor Len Kleinrock — 19:12

UCLA Samueli students, Andrew Musk and Anthony Humay, discuss blockchain and its applications with computer science professor Len Kleinrock, as well as his plans for the new UCLA Connection Lab.

Andrew and Anthony are members of the Blockchain at UCLA student group, which helped get ECE 188 Blockchain Programming offered this winter quarter.

Episode 1
Video Series Introduction — 2:04

Our first episode in a series, introduces the UCLA Blockchain Club. Blockchain is a technology with enormous potential across a wide range of applications, including digital currency, governance, voting, decentralized asset registries and financial instruments. In our next episode, we will sit down with Distinguished Computer Science Professor Leonard Kleinrock to discuss his perspective on blockchain.

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