Ten New Faculty Join UCLA Engineering in 2015-16

Sep 29, 2015

By UCLA Samueli Newsroom

The UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science welcomes 10 new faculty members in 2015-16 to a roster that includes 32 affiliated members of the National Academy of Engineering and more than 60 winners of the NSF Career Award. The school now has 175 ladder faculty, the most in its history.

s-iyer-50pxSubramanian Iyer
Distinguished Professor in Electrical Engineering
Research: systems scaling technology, memory integration, neuromorphic computing, chip security. An IBM Fellow, IEEE Noble Award winner.

s-li-50pxSong Li
Professor in Bioengineering
research: stem cell and vascular tissue engineering, vascular remodeling, mechanobiology and mechanotransduction. Fellow, AIMBE and BMES

f-sha-50pxFei Sha
Associate Professor in Computer Science, Samueli Fellow
Research: machine learning, intelligent and autonomous systems. Winner of ARO Young Investigator Award. (Starts Jan. 2016)

s-coogan-50pxSamuel Coogan
Assistant Professor in Electrical Engineering
Research: networked cyber-physical systems, control theory, nonlinear and hybrid systems theory, intelligent transportation systems.

a-mehta-50pxAnkur Mehta
Assistant Professor in Electrical Engineering
Research: printable robotics, rapid design and fabrication, control systems, wireless sensor networks. Winner Best Paper Award, ICIRS.

r-meka-50pxRaghu Meka
Assistant Professor in Computer Science
Research: Complexity theory, learning theory, data mining. Former member, Microsoft Research Silicon Valley.

p-romero-50pxPhilip Romero
Assistant Professor in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Research: Protein engineering, microfluidics. Winner of UC Postdoctoral fellowship, NIH Kirchstein Award.

s-sank-50pxSriram Sankararaman
Assistant Professor in Computer Science
Research: Computational biology, computational and statistical genomics. Winner of NIH Pathway to Independence Award. (Starts Nov. 2015)

m-spearrin-50pxR. Mitchell Spearrin
Assistant Professor in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (Starts March 2016)
Research: Spectroscopy, molecular gas dynamics, chemical kinetics, statistical thermodynamics, applied optics, combustion, and energy systems.

g-vdb-50pxGuy Van den Broeck
Assistant Professor in Computer Science, Samueli Fellow
Research: Artificial intelligence, machine learning, probabilistic reasoning and learning.

* Longer profiles of professors Iyer, Meka and Romero were published in the Spring 2015 issue of UCLA Engineer magazine
Profiles of other new faculty joining UCLA Engineering in 2015-16 will be published in the magazine’s fall issue, which is available around mid-October.



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