Students, Alumni Named 2016 NSF Graduate Research Fellows

Apr 7, 2016

By UCLA Samueli Newsroom

Four UCLA Engineering students and five alumni now at other institutions have received the prestigious Graduate Research Fellowship from the National Science Foundation for 2016. The recipients include current graduate students Calvin Brown, N.H. Diane Kim, and Angus Sidore, senior Kyrollos Yanny, and alumni Anjali Mulchandani, Trenton Otto, Wen Yu Peng, Stephanie Wang and Albert Yen. They are among 24 current UCLA students and 19 alumni who received the fellowship this year. The fellowship program, which offers three years of financial support, recognizes “outstanding graduate students in NSF-supported science, technology, engineering, and mathematics disciplines who are pursuing research-based master’s and doctoral degrees at accredited United States institutions.”

UCLA Engineering Students

DSC_0162-CB-NSF-GRFP-2016_300pxCalvin Brown
Field: Electrical Engineering
Research focus: Cost-effective, field-portable methods for 3D imaging of biological specimens and diseases.
Graduate advisor: Aydogan Ozcan
Undergraduate institution: UC Berkeley

DSC_0198-DKim-NSF-GRFP-300N.H. Diane Kim
Field: Bioengineering
Research focus: Quantitative phase imaging-based rapid identification of tumor-reactive T cells for cancer immunotherapy.
Faculty advisor: Thomas Zangle
Undergraduate institution: Columbia University

DSC_0152-AS-NSF-GRFP-300 Angus Sidore
Field: Chemical Engineering
Research focus: Directed evolution of enzymes using microfluidic technologies.
Faculty advisor: Phil Romero
Undergraduate institution:  UC Berkeley

DSC_0182-KY-NSF-GRFP-1000px_edited-1Kyrollos Yanny (undergraduate)
Field: Bioengineering
Research Focus: Design and development of a high throughput and field-portable imaging system for microbiome research.
Undergraduate advisor: Aydogan Ozcan


UCLA Engineering alumni

Anjali Mulchandani ’14
Field: Environmental Engineering
Current institution: Arizona State University
Undergrad advisor: Shaily Mahendra

Trenton Otto  ’14
Field:  Chemical Engineering
Current institution: UC Berkeley
Undergrad advisor: Louis Bouchard (Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Wen Yu Peng  ’14
Field: Aerospace Engineering
Current institution: Stanford University
Undergrad advisor: Ann Karagozian

Stephanie Wang  ’14
Field: Bioengineering
Current institution: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Undergrad advisor: Daniel Kamei

Albert Yen  ’15
Field: Bioengineering
Current institution: University of Washington
Undergrad advisor: Dean Ho

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