Online Master’s Program

One of the nation’s highest ranked online graduate engineering programs.

Flexibility. It’s a well-known attribute of engineers – and the UCLA Master of Science in Engineering Online (MSOL) program. MSOL gives students the opportunity to earn their master’s degree in two years, through classes delivered completely online. You’ll even find many of the same courses taught by the same instructors who lecture on campus.

A master’s degree can help engineering professionals advance their skill sets and career opportunities – especially when it’s earned from one of the nation’s top engineering schools. To learn more about the UCLA Samueli online masters program, visit the Master of Science in Engineering website.


Congrats to the centennial class of 2019!

Commencement speaker Chuck Lorre had a request for some of the 2019 graduates of UCLA Samueli: Can they work on taking his consciousness out of his aging body and upload it into a robot? And it doesn’t have to look like Iron Man.

2019 UCLA Samueli Commencement Awards

Each year the seven departments of the UCLA Samueli School of Engineering, and the school as a whole, bestow honors on graduating students who have had distinguished accomplishments and made special contributions. Below are short Q&A’s with this year’s school-wide winners.

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