Best SEM Image Contest 2015

Apr 6, 2015

By UCLA Samueli Newsroom

The annual Best SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) Image Contest was held January 30.The contest is sponsored by the Molecular and Nano Archaeology Laboratory, a joint venture between the Materials Science and Engineering Department at the UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science and the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology at UCLA.


SEM 1 First Place MNA Award 2015
“Gold Dendrites on a Carbon Nanotube Yarn”
Kevin Xin, materials science and engineering
Large-scale gold dendrites grown on a carbon nanotube yarn substrate.
Kevin Xin, Materials Science and Engineering
SEM 2 Second Place MNA Award 2015
“Dendritic Niobium Oxide”
Chun Han Matt Lai, materials science and engineering
Niobium oxide dendrites was observed after annealing Nb2O5/ graphene composite at 800°C under Ar.
SEM 3 Third Place Award MNA 2015
“Christmas Tree”
Diane Yu, materials science and engineering
Zinc electrodeposition dendrites.
SEM 4 First Place FEI Tony Award 2015
Rhenium-Coated Molybdenum Dendrites
Christopher Matthes, mechanical and aerospace engineering
The surface of dendritic Rhenium-coated Molybdenum.
 SEM 5 Second Place FEI Tony Award 2015
“Nickel Grass”
Chao Ma, mechanical and aerospace engineering
Electrodeposite nickel nanowires. The nanowires look bundles of grass.
 SEM 6 Third Place FEI Tony Award 2015
“Inverse opal structure of tin/sol gel hybrid”
Kumpei Kobayashi, materials science and engineering
The inverse opal structure of tin-sol gel hybrid material made by polystyrene colloidal crystal templating process.
 SEM Winners Participants of the ceremony (from left to right): Sergey Prikhodko, Director of Electron Microscopy Core; Tony Carpenter, Sales Rep., FEI; Henri Chen, nominee; Tait Mclouth, nominee; Edward Chang, nominee; Kevin Xin, 1st Place, MNA Award; Kumpei Kobayashi, 3rd Place, FEI Award; Mat Lai, 3rd Place, MNA Award; Danielle Casillas, nominee.




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