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The School, Campus and Los Angeles

Photography is used to convey a sense of optimism and confidence to the viewer. For that reason, light and sunshine play a huge role in photography. Plentiful sunshine, natural washouts and sun flares are welcome.

When taking photos outdoors, keep as much sky present in the photo as possible to express the expansive nature of the university and our city. When shooting indoors, the subject should be well lit naturally — avoid using a heavy flash. Use of nighttime imagery should be kept to a minimum, but when necessary, lights (city lights, street lights, etc.) should play a key role. Photos should be taken from below looking slightly up whenever possible. This conveys a feeling of confidence and suggests looking beyond the horizon. Photos may also be taken from directly below to create drama, but this should be used sparingly.



If the main subject of a photograph is a person or group of persons, there should be a photojournalistic feel to the photo. Think candid moments: natural smiles, real interactions, eye contact and connection between your subjects. Except for formal portraits, avoid overly staged photography whenever possible.


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