Tentative Agenda

8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.


Chancellor Welcome

Opening Keynote
Why we’re celebrating today and the threads that came together to unleash the Internet.

Founding Fathers of the Arpanet
Listen to the engineers who launched the technology in 1969 that led to the Internet of today.

Giant Organizations of the Internet
The challenge of giant Internet businesses in a sea of disruptive bottom-up innovations.

The Responsible Internet
Dealing with democracy, fake news, free speech, hate speech, diversity, responsible technology and a digital conscience.


Internet Security and Privacy
A fireside chat about the dark side of the Internet.

Business Disruptors
Meet the mavericks and the technologies that have and may disrupt the Internet as we know it today.

Has True Innovation Stalled for Decades?
A powerful debate on technology stagnation and its future trajectory.

Social Disruptors
Combining the power of the crowd with the megaphone of the Internet has created instant impact of enormous scope.

Future Internet Technology
What technologies might we see over the next 50 years? Hear it from the folks who are poised to make it happen.

A Broad Vision for the Future
What can we say about society and humanity as we charge forward with the power of the Internet and all that it has unleashed?

Closing Keynote


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