Ravi Netravali

Ravi Netravali


Engineering VI - Room 277

Email: ravi@cs.ucla.edu
Phone: (310) 825-1322
Fax: (310) 794-5056


  • Computer systems
  • Computer networks
  • Distributed systems
  • Cloud computing
  • Cybersecurity and future internet
Sluice: Network-Wide Data Plane Programming (demo) Vikas Natesh, Pravein Kannan, Anirudh Sivaraman, Ravi Netravali SIGCOMM 2019 Edge-based Transcoding for Adaptive Live Video Streaming Pradeep Dogga, Sandip Chakraborty, Subrata Mitra, Ravi Netravali HotEdge 2019 Secure Incentivization for Decentralized Content Delivery Prateesh Goyal, Ravi Netravali, Mohammed Alizadeh, Hari Balakrishnan HotEdge 2019 WatchTower: Fast, Secure Mobile Page Loads Using Remote Dependency Resolution Ravi Netravali, Anirudh Sivaraman, James Mickens, Hari Balakrishnan MobiSys 2019 Vesper: Measuring Time-to-Interactivity for Modern Web Pages Ravi Netravali, Vikram Nathan, James Mickens, Hari Balakrishnan NSDI 2018 Prophecy: Accelerating Mobile Page Loads Using Final-state Write Logs Ravi Netravali, James Mickens NSDI 2018 Remote-Control Caching: Proxy-based URL Rewriting to Decrease Mobile Browsing Bandwidth Ravi Netravali, James Mickens HotMobile 2018 Neural Adaptive Video Streaming with Pensieve Hongzi Mao, Ravi Netravali, Mohammad Alizadeh SIGCOMM 2017 Pensieve Website Selected for the 2017 Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship Vroom: Accelerating the Mobile Web with Server-Aided Dependency Resolution Vaspol Ruamviboonsuk, Ravi Netravali, Muhammed Uluyol, Harsha Madhyastha SIGCOMM 2017 Awarded the 2018 IRTF Applied Networking Research Prize Polaris: Faster Page Loads Using Fine-grained Dependency Tracking Ravi Netravali, Ameesh Goyal, James Mickens, Hari Balakrishnan NSDI 2016 Polaris Website Featured in ACM Queue's Research for Practice: Web Security and Mobile Web Computing (Sept/Oct 2016) Room-Area Networks Peter Iannucci, Ravi Netravali, Ameesh Goyal, Hari Balakrishnan HotNets 2015 Mahimahi: Accurate Record-and-Replay for HTTP Ravi Netravali, Anirudh Sivaraman, Keith Winstein, Somak Das, Ameesh Goyal, James Mickens, Hari Balakrishnan USENIX ATC 2015 Mahimahi Website WiFi, LTE, or Both? Measuring Multi-homed Wireless Internet Performance Shuo Deng, Ravi Netravali, Anirudh Sivaraman, Hari Balakrishnan IMC 2014 Traffic Signature-based Mobile Device Location Authentication Jack Brassil, Pratyusa K. Manadhata, Ravi Netravali IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing 2013 Authenticating a Mobile Device's Location Using Voice Signatures Jack Brassil, Ravi Netravali, Stuart Haber, Pratyusa Manadhata, Prasad Rao IEEE WiMob 2012 Multi-Sensor Fusion of Infrared and Electro-Optic Signals for High Resolution Night Images Xiaopeng Huang, Ravi Netravali, Hong Man, Victor Lawrence Sensors 2012 Multi-Sensor Fusion of Electro-Optic and Infrared Signals for High Resolution Visible Images: Part II Xiaopeng Huang, Ravi Netravali, Hong Man, Victor Lawrence IEEE Oceans 2012 Improved fusing infrared and electro-optic signals for high-resolution night images Xiaopeng Huang, Ravi Netravali, Hong Man, Victor Lawrence SPIE Vol. 8355 Fusing electro-optic and infrared signals for high resolution night images Xiaopeng Huang, Ravi Netravali, Hong Man, Victor Lawrence SPIE Vol. 8295 Summary of results on optimal camera placement for boundary monitoring Robert J. Holt, Hong Man, Rainer Martini, Iraban Mukherjee, Ravi Netravali, Jing Wang SPIE Vol. 6570 A new optical flow estimation method in joint EO/IR video surveillance Hong Man, Robert J. Holt, Jing Wang, Rainer Martini, Ravi Netravali, Iraban Mukherjee SPIE Vol. 6543
  • PhD (2018) Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • B.S. in Electrical Engineering, Columbia University