Materials Science & Engineering

Research that leads to real-life solutions.

The field of Materials Science and Engineering is concerned with the structure and properties of materials used in modern technology. We build on the foundation of materials science and work to improve the design, fabrication, and optimal selection of elements to create tangible new or improved products. Our results extend into many fields, influencing everything from bringing down the cost of solar power cells, to improving medical implants, to making the factory floor more efficient.

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Hard to crack: UCLA engineers toughen glass using nanoparticles

Process could be useful for applications in manufacturing and architecture
UCLA mechanical engineers and materials scientists have developed a process that uses nanoparticles to strengthen the atomic structure of glass. The result is a product that’s at least five times tougher than any glass currently available.

UCLA engineers in the field after major California earthquakes

Q&A with Jonathan Stewart about what his team learned in the aftermath of the Ridgecrest quakes
A day after a magnitude 6.4 earthquake on July 4 rattled Southern California, a small team of earthquake engineers and scientists was already near its epicenter, in Ridgecrest, Calif., gathering time-sensitive data.

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