University of California, Los Angeles
February 7—1 0, 2021

ASCE Resiliance

UCLA Samueli School of Engineering

Rudy Mulia

Rudy Mulia is a Principal Engineer at Chevron Technical Center.  He has over thirty-nine years of experience in design and analysis of safety related structures and equipment in Nuclear, Cogeneration, and Geothermal Power generation and Petrochemical facilities involving extreme loading such as blast, seismic, wind loading and as well as operational and wind induced vibration loading.  He has done many projects in Oil and Gas industry comprising LNG’s, Refining, Chemical Facilities as well as topside structures in offshore facilities. He has performed significant seismic hazard mitigation projects as well as post-earthquake damage assessment for oil and gas facilities.  Mr. Mulia has been a member of the ASCE/SEI7 2005 to 2022 seismic committee, the Energy Division of ASCE Task Committee on Seismic, Blast-Resistance, and Wind Load Design for Petrochemical Facilities and Other Structures.  He was involved in the development of the RMPP seismic guidance document which now called CalARP and is still active in this committee.