Boelter Society

Endowed Chair

Endowed Chair Name

Chair Holder
Armond and Elena Hairapetian Chair in Engineering and MedicineDino Di Carlo

Ben Rich-Lockheed Martin Chair in Advanced Aerospace Technologies

Gregory Carman
Carol and Lawrence E. Tannas, Jr., Endowed Chair in EngineeringYang Yang
Carol and Lawrence E. Tannas, Jr. Endowed Term Chair in EngineeringChee Wei Wong
Charles P. Reames Endowed Chair in Electrical EngineeringSubramanian S. Iyer
Englekirk Presidential Endowed Chair in Structural EngineeringHenry Burton
Evalyn Knight Chair in EngineeringAli Mosleh
Fang Lu Endowed Chair in EngineeringBahram Jalali
John P. and Claudia H. Schauerman Endowed Chair in EngineeringTimothy Fisher
Jonathan B. Postel Chair in Computer SystemsLixia Zhang
Jonathan B. Postel Chair in Networking
L. M. K. Boelter Chair in Engineering
Leonard Kleinrock Term Chair in Computer ScienceWei Wang
Levi James Knight, Jr., Chair in Engineering
Neria and Manizheh Yomtoubian Endowed Chair in Cancer and Risk Sciences
Nippon Sheet Glass Company Chair in Materials ScienceBruce S. Dunn
Norman E. Friedmann Chair in Knowledge Sciences
Northrop Grumman Chair in Electrical EngineeringTatsuo Itoh
Northrop Grumman Chair in Electrical Engineering/ElectromagneticsYahya Rahmat-Samii
Northrop Grumman Opto-Electronic Chair in Electrical EngineeringJia-Ming Liu
Raytheon Company Chair in Electrical EngineeringKang Wang
Raytheon Company Chair in Manufacturing EngineeringXiaochun Li
Richard G. Newman AECOM Endowed Chair in Civil EngineeringWilliam Yeh
Rockwell Collins Chair in Engineering
Ronald and Valerie Sugar DeanJayathi Murthy
Symantec Term Chair in Computer ScienceAmit Sahai
The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation Chair in Chemical EngineeringYi Tang
The Ronald and Valerie Sugar Endowed Chair in EngineeringJason Speyer
Traugott and Dorothea Frederking Endowed Chair
Vijay K. Dhir Chair in EngineeringPaulo Tabuada
Volgenau Chair for Engineering ExcellenceJason Cong
Volgenau Chair for Engineering InnovationAydogan Ozcan
Volgenau Endowed Chair in EngineeringChang-Jin Kim
William D. Van Vorst Chair in Chemical Engineering EducationPanagiotis Christofides
William Frederick Seyer Endowed Chair in Materials ElectrochemistryJane Chang
Wintek Endowed Chair in Electrical EngineeringM. C. Frank Chang