Dean’s Executive Board Member

Lawrence E. Tannas, Jr. ’59, MS ’61, Parent ’85, MS ’88
Founder and Owner (Retired)
Tannas Electronics

Lawrence E. Tannas, Jr. has been a consultant in the electronics industry for over 40 years. His expertise has been electronic displays, and his work spans every aspect of electronics information displays, including research and development, manufacturing, test and measurement, applications, human factors, marketing, and advanced planning and concepts. Most of this work has been for the aerospace industry.

Tannas is the Founder, President and CEO of Tannas Electronic Displays, Incorporated, (TED) specializing in resizing liquid crystal displays. The company was founded in 1999. It was sold in 2015 to Pixel Scientific. Since selling the company, Tannas has renewed his activity in consulting, expert witness and teaching as President of Tannas Electronics.

He received his BS and MS engineering degrees from UCLA with thesis on the optimization of guidance and navigation. Prior to electronic displays, Tannas was in the aerospace industry, working on advanced concepts in guidance, control and navigation.

Tannas was a consultant to numerous Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and universities. Before his consulting business, Tannas worked for major aerospace corporations including GE’s Engineering Research Laboratories, Honeywell, Martin Marietta, Rockwell International, and Aerojet ElectroSystems.

At GE he did research and development in automatic landing systems using Kalman filtering and optimization criteria. At Honeywell, he invented the backup reentry guidance display for the Apollo Reentry Vehicle. While at Martin Marietta he developed a cockpit for the Martin SV5 Manned Space Vehicle, the Air Force’s predecessor to the NASA Space Shuttle. At Rockwell International he developed the engineering prototype liquid-crystal display for the world’s first successful LCD production. And at Aerojet ElectroSystems he perfected a manufacturing process for electroluminescent displays.

Tannas has been awarded 28 patents and has over 10 patents pending. He is the author of more than 50 technical papers, the author/editor of the first definitive book on flat panel displays: Flat-Panel Displays and CRTs, published in 1983 by Van Nostrand Reinhold, NY.

From 1980 to 2000, he was active as a class developer, coordinator and lecturer for advanced 30-hour classes at UCLA Engineering Extension as well as at other institutions.
Larry Tannas and his wife Carol are members of the UCLA Chancellor Society and Boelter Society.

Tannas is a Fellow and past-president of the Society for Information Display (SID). His honors include SID’s Lewis and Beatrice Winner Award, the Slotto-Owaki Prize for outstanding teaching performance, and the 2012 UCLA Engineering Alumni Professional Achievement Award. He is a Life Member of IEEE and AIAA.