Civil & Environmental Engineering

Building a sustainable future.

Clean drinking water. Breathable air. Safe efficient buildings to live and work in. Flood protection. Waste disposal. Civil and environmental engineers at UCLA Samueli learn to design and plan the infrastructures that society requires, and evolve them to mitigate their influence on the environment. We strive to find sustainable solutions.

Southern California presents its own set of challenges – how to provide the critical infrastructure within a complex geological and climate environment that’s prone to earthquakes, drought, flooding and landslides, while also minimizing energy consumption and the release of greenhouse gases – and in turn provides an ideal “natural lab” in which to do our work.

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Welcome week 2019: Tips for new students

Welcome week 2019: Tips for new students

Three UCLA Samueli undergraduate students offer advice to their new peers on how to succeed – collaborate with fellow students, participate in clubs, develop good time management skills and take advantage of resources
New protective metamaterial takes hit, bounces right back

New protective metamaterial takes hit, bounces right back

Mechanical engineers at UCLA and China’s Tsinghua University have opened a new path toward reusable energy-absorbing materials – ones designed to take an impact, then bounce back to their original shape and strength. The study was published in Advanced Functional Materials.

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